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Cheap Sunglasses are not Good for Eyes; Warns Experts

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The vendors selling cheap sunglasses are a very common scene that more or less each one of us has witnessed on most city roads. For a minimal amount of Rs.300 to Rs.400 one could easily get a pair on the run.

As per a citizen in the capital city, he has no issues if he loses or breaks a pair of sunglasses. He said that for a few hundred rupees, he could easily get a new pair. Also, they are such a small item that it is very easy to misplace them.

Buying sunglasses off the streets might be cheap but one might be paying a heavy price in terms of health. What many of us are unaware of is that the glass used in these sunglasses is actually plastic. The black coloured plastic used for making these sunglasses is mostly of very compromised quality.

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Eye experts have given warning that wearing cheap, low-quality sunglasses could be damaging for the eyes. They could cause blurry vision, burning sensation, red eyes, itching and even could become a cause of conjunctivitis.

Eye experts caution against the use and purchase of cheap sunglasses and advise people to choose for higher quality ones.

For the sake of one’s eyes, it is best to purchase slightly costlier however high-quality sunglasses, as per the advice of the experts.

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