ChatGPT’s voice-based conversation feature is now available for everyone

In a recent announcement from OpenAI, it made its voice-based conversation feature available for all users without any charges. At first, this feature was available for Plus subscription users, which cost $20 per month. As per the announcement, this feature is now available on both the Android and iOS versions of the app. Though it’s unavailable for the web platform for now,

The feature of voice-based conversation was introduced in ChatGPT two months ago. This feature allows users to ask their queries in the form of verbal communication. The chatbot hears your queries and turns them into text, which now adds to the company’s large language model (LLMs). ChatGPT will come up with a result and provide your answers in voice format.

How to enable and use the feature in ChatGPT

Navigate to Settings and select the Voice option to activate this feature. Five distinct voices are available for selection: Breeze, Juniper, Ember, Sky, and Cove. After turning on this function, you may use it by tapping the headphone symbol next to the text area to open a separate window.

Subsequently, you can ask your question aloud, and the software will respond in speech. When the conversation is over, simply hit the close button to return to the ordinary chat window and view the text version of the voice-based conversation you just had.

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