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Charsadda Private Schools Reopen against Government Orders

Despite the orders by the government to reopen educational institutions across Pakistan from Sept 15, private schools in Charsadda have already reopened the schools.

More than 525 private schools in the district restarted operations from Saturday.

As the schools were facing educational losses, this decision was taken, as per the Private Schools Association Charsadda.  Also, schools were suffering from financial losses which led to delayed payments to teachers and so this step was taken.

Assurance was given by the association that all schools followed the precautionary measures that were given by the government against the COVID-19 pandemic.

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The association said, “Everyone is wearing masks. The staff and students keep sanitizing themselves and social distancing is practiced strictly.”

The Khyber Pakhtunkhwa district administration has cracked down on schools that have reopened without permission. Notices were issued to schools stating that if they are not closed, action would be taken against the principals and owners.

25 schools in Swat were closed as they reopened without the government’s approval. This was confirmed by the Deputy Commissioner Saqib Raza Salman.

Over the announcement by the All Pakistan Private School Association, the schools decided to reopen. The association made the announcement on 20th July that it would reopen the private schools across Pakistan from Aug 15.

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