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Charity Serves Ostrich Meat as Ramazan Treat for The Poor

ostrich meat

A charity based in Karahi served a unique treat for the residents of the city on their first fast for the holy month of Ramazan. The unique item served was the ostrich meat.

Ostrich meat is expensive and is rarely eaten in the country. The animal is termed as exotic by many Pakistanis.

The charity volunteers cooked the red meat in big cauldrons mixed with chickpeas curry for more than five hundred residents before sunrise on Tuesday, which was the first day of fasting.

Zafar Abbas—the general secretary of the Jafaria Disaster Management Cell Welfare Foundation said that keeping in consideration the scarcity, rich people of the city aided them and like the earlier year, the rich people provided those dishes which even a middle-class person cannot afford to eat, forget the poor.

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Abbas said that there are plans to provide deer and other costly dishes in the coming days during Ramazan, the month when the practising Muslims refrains themselves from drinking, eating and smoking during the fasting hours.

The offerings of the ostrich meat were largely welcomed by the ones who love eating the ostrich meat.

A van driver—Mohammad Hussain said that he had never consumed the ostrich meat before, and it was a nice gesture. He added that the meat felt so filling that he feels there is no need to eat for the next 2 days.

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