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Change in Orange Line Master Plan for Cost Reduction

Orange Line Master Plan

Punjab government has revised the Lahore’s orange line plan so that the project cost can be reduced.

PTI (Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaaf) had combated the project during the previous government’s tenure which named it as ‘white elephant’ for the national exchequer.

The project will require billions of rupees in financial assistance on an annual basis just like the metro bus project, so the current government is hesitant to continue this project.

In order to reduce the cost, it is being decided by the provincial government to drop the idea of connecting the Orange line with the metro bus on 2 spots in the city.

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It was decided that a passenger transit system will be built from Anarkali area to the MAO College and a Walkalator from Lahore Railway Station to Metro Station, but both the ideas have been cancelled to save the money.

This decision took place to control the project cost which has already gone up to 50percent because of the delays in the construction.

An official of the Punjab Mass Transit Authority says that the delay in construction has added another 11 billion to the project cost which makes the estimated cost of Rs 22billion to Rs 3billion.

As per the officials’ 96.5percent work is done on the Orange line project and now it is completely on the current government to complete the entire project and open it up for the public.

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