Certain chats on WhatsApp may gain full-width messages shortly

The instant messaging platform WhatsApp is adding new features to its smartphone and desktop apps. Notably, the company has added a number of useful features that make it convenient to use the platform. Users can now easily transfer data from one to another across different operating systems. Moreover, messages can now be edited. As of now, the company is testing out a modified UI interface for chats.

As per the information provided by WABetaInfo, the company is experimenting with a full-width design for message bubbles in chats. As the name indicates, messages are spread across the width of the screen. In this way, more content will fit at the same height. One thing to notice here is that the full-width messages feature is only available to Communities and Group chats particularly those where only admins have access to share messages. It is preferable to display content across the whole width of a phone’s screen because only one sender is able to send messages in these threads and groups.

The new feature can be found in the Android (version WhatsApp Beta. It means that the feature is only accessible to beta testers however, not all beta testers have access to the new UI feature. Perhaps it could be rolled out to more beta users in the upcoming weeks before making it ready for public release.

Do note that the new full-width message bubble UI will soon be introduced on the iOS app. Besides this feature, the company has introduced several new features for Communities and group chats like chat filters, hiding phone numbers in a community, pin and unpin messages, and more. Furthermore, it will soon introduce a new function that allows you to send uncompressed, high-definition media files like 4K photos and full HD videos.

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