CEO Of NTS Found Guilty Of Embezzling Millions

It has been found that former Pro-Rector of Comsats Institute of Information Technology (CIIT) and CEO of National Testing Service Haroon Rashid was concurrently holding 11 positions and secretly taping millions of rupees keeping all main investors in the dark.

Finding of one of the five-member CIIT team states “Haroon Rashid has been exercising unauthorized power as pro-rector in matters relating to human resource. Apparently, there were no protective measures in place, enabling him to commit serious irregularities while using his authority in appointments, promotions, transfers, and award of financial perks and privileges.”

The con player lost both his jobs in NTS and Comsats when his Ph.D. thesis was discovered as plagiarized a year back.

The report further said “The committee recommends a detailed probe to unearth the extent of irregularities and suggest remedial measures,” the report stated. Also, questions are raised about the rector of that time, Junaid Zaidi, and other related directors.

Moreover, the appointment of Rashid as pro-rector occurred in December 2012. The timing is also fishy as the report said that  “The post had been created specifically for Rashid” violating with CIIT ordinance.

Rashid kept on getting money almost Rs25.71 million after finishing his Ph.D., on basis of Ph.D. allowance, boost in salary and other bonuses as pro-rector. When Rashid was pro-rector he also had authority over major departments being the chairperson of the ad-hoc selection committee of every campus, contract review committee, security committee for CIIT, event coordination committee, committee to resolve students administrative and academic matters and others disputes etc.

University’s press, Faculty development academy, Office of event coordination and management along with 6 more departments had to directly report to Rashid. Most of the appointments made in HR were made directly by Rashid without any other approvals. He allowed NTS employees to work in Comsats without following legal procedure. Budget details were never given to the board of governors since the development of the virtual campus in 2014.

Also, it was seen that in certain documents whitener was used to change recommendations and salary packages. The report stated that

“In some cases, the recommendations of the head of departments or director campuses were overruled besides gross irregularity was committed by tampering recommendations.”

Now this news raises a lot of question. It questions the whole system of NTS and Comsats. How can one man do all this stuff, embezzle money, use whitener to change decisions and have so much power to control the whole institution? If it was not just one man, who in the administration of both organizations was aiding him? Is catching Haroon Rashid the end of the story, or there are others hiding in plain sight? Haroon Rashid should be a beginning of clearing out corrupt workers in our society, it should be a start towards a better system and a better Pakistan.

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Haroon Rashid should be a beginning of clearing out corrupt workers in our society, it should be a start towards a better system and a better Pakistan.

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