Central Police Station in Karachi Gets a Gym


The Central Police Station in Karachi gets a gym for keeping the police officers fit and in shape.

Fitness is and had been a hot topic for many years particularly after Pakistan lost the match against India, the topic became the talk of the town. The very moment the match ended; social media was full of angry posts indicating that how the team is not as fit as that of their opponents.

However, this fitness talk is not just limited to cricket, many of the important departments like fire brigade, police and others are devoid of the gym-ing facility to assist in assuring the fitness of the individuals.

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Since police is one profession where it is most anticipated that officers be fit, and for that, a gym becomes a must. Keeping these factors in mind, the Central Police Office in the city of lights has taken the decision to open an indoor gym facility within the office in order to keep the police officers fit.

The gym comprises of modern equipment, which is enough to assist the officers to stay in shape. There are treadmills. Twister, cycles, free weight section and many other machines to help with fitness.

The actual challenge now would be to make the officers work out regularly in the gym because Pakistani police is known to lack badly when it comes to fitness.

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