Centaurus Mall, Islamabad Started Charging Rs 500 For Entry Is Now Being Reverted

The news has recently circulated that Centaurus Mall is again charging for entry into the Mall. Rs 500 charge was being placed and as per the reactions all around, it was ridiculous. Well, thankfully the decision has been reverted.

This basterd Sardar Ilyas gone mad again on his shit Centaurus a symbol of pure shame on the map of Islamabad. Now they…

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Deputy Manager of Operations, Mr. Sharjeel said that the ticket was specifically for single males and not for families.

The management of Centaurus said that it was observed that the bachelor males who come into the Mall create an environment of discomfort for the family oriented crowd. Therefore to control non-buyer bachelors visiting the Mall for no purpose whatsoever this ticket is being placed.

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Well, well there were a lot of loopholes in this decision. How can you categorize that these certain bachelor males are harming the environment of the Mall? Young males, part of the families also harass women, so why are they given benefit of doubt?

Moreover, it’s not always about men destroying an environment. We are fully aware that these days many women also visit Malls for thrill and enjoyment purposes? Are they ignored because of the fact that they are women? Isn’t it unfair and partial?

Also what if two brothers are visiting the Mall. They don’t have a female member with them, but they are a family. So the Mall will charge them just because of their gender?

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These issues also make us question the intention of Centaurus Mall management behind this decision. Was this another way of making money or were they really concerned about the well-being of their customers?

Now due to extreme social media pressure, the management reverted their decision and has replaced Rs500 non-refundable ticket with the adjustable ticket but it just indicates the indecisiveness of the management.

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