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Censored China Articles Will Be Re-posted In UK Academic Journal

Cambridge University Press publisher will repost the articles that were removed from the website in China. The authorities demanded the removal of those articles that ignited anger.

Last week hundreds of articles on Chinese democracy were censored from CUP website that caused anger in the academic community.

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The editor Tim Pringle said on Twitter that he “intends to re-post immediately the articles removed from its website in China.”

Pringle also confirmed that the decision to remove articles was solely taken by CUP without any approval from The China Quarterly.

CUP is the oldest publishing house in the world. The publishing house confirmed that it had obeyed “instruction from a Chinese import agency to block individual articles”. After this, it received huge criticism from international media. The argument given by the company for removing articles was “to ensure that other academic and educational materials we publish remain available to researchers and educators in this market”.

Also, CUP said that it was “troubled by the recent increase in requests of this nature and that it was planning to address the issue in meetings with Chinese officials at the Beijing Book Fair later this week”.

315 articles and reviews were removed as per Pringle. It also included protests of 1989 Tiananmen Square and Chinese democracy movement.

An economics professor at Peking University in Shenzhen, China, Christopher Balding has started a petition on Change.org to “refuse the censorship request”.