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Cement Industry in Pakistan Witnessed September as the Best Month of 2020

The cement industry in Pakistan sold 5.27 million tons in September and claimed to find the month as the best of 2020 for the industry.

cement industry

cement industry

While COVID19 has taken the year for most of the industries, the cement industry enjoyed growth in September 2020.

According to sources, the cement industry witnessed September 2020 as the best month and made a total sale of 5.27 million tons. Last year the sale volume of the industry in the same month was 4.27 million tons.

The All Pakistan Cement Manufacturers Association (APCMA) further disclosed that the local consumption of cement this September was 4.09 million tons which was only 3.47 million tons in the same month last year.

While the export also has seen an uprise. Last year in September it was 0.79 million tons and this September it was 1.12 million tons.

APCMA also highlighted that the top suppliers of cement was mills based in the north of the country. They provided 3.523 million tons this September.

Exports from the north contributed a total of 0.287 million tons. While the south also improved its supply this September. They successfully contributed a total of 565,236 tons which was 445,629 tons last September.

According to APCMA, the cement industry has invested a lot in new plants and technology. This has helped the industry to flourish a bit more than the past few years and helped Pakistan to increase its export revenue.

PM Imran Khan’s new strategy for the construction industry is also one of the reasons for the local growth of supply. With some convenience societies and individuals have invested more in the industry and constructed new properties.

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