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Celebrities Urge All to Pray for Rubina Ashraf

Rubina Ashraf

Rubina Ashraf, the famous renown actor of Pakistan’s showbiz industry is in critical condition after she tested positive for the coronavirus 4 days back.

The details regarding the critical condition of the actress came out when Syed Sajid Hasan, who is also a famous Pakistani actor posted a message about her health on Twitter.

He tweeted that prayers for Rubina Ashraf, and further wrote that she is in ICU owing to the coronavirus. He also made a small prayer for all and for the entire world.

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He later responded to a tweet in which he mentioned that he had a talk with the husband of the veteran actress and as per her husband she is getting better.

It is important to indicate that a few days back the news about Rubina Ashraf and Sakina Samo getting infected by coronavirus began circulating on social media, however, Sakina Samo completely denied the news and showed her anger on the ones spreading fake news. On the other hand, Rubina Ashraf did confirm about getting positive results for the conducted COVID-19 test and indicated that she is experiencing respiratory issues.

Other celebrities including Mansha Pasha, Humayun Saeed, and Mahira Khan have also urged everyone to pray for Rubina Ashraf’s fast recovery.

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