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CDWP Approves 31 Projects of Rupees 360 Billion

The CDWP (Central Development Working Party) accepted thirty-one development plans amounting to the cost of rupees three hundred and sixty billion. These thirty-one projects include twelve mega ventures of amount rupees three hundred and forty-two billion. The CDWP approved projects have now been mentioned to the Executive Committee of National Economic Council (ECNEC) for its final affirmation for these development plans.

Sartaj Aziz the Deputy Chairman Planning Commission headed the meeting. The approved development plans are for various sectors including Horticulture, Health, Science & Technology, Water Resources, Transportation & Communication, Energy, Physical planning & Housing and Information Technology.

Energy Sector:

Rupees 3.714 billion projects have been approved by CDWP for energy division. Other than these three approved projects for the energy sector, three other projects have been referred to ECNEC of amount rupees 41.387 billion. The approved projects for the energy division are as follows:

  • Formation of 132 kV Grid Station Puran, Tehsil Mustang
  • Establishment of 132 kV Grid Station at Splinji and Allied 132 kV SDT Darwaza, Splinji Transmission Line
  • Construction of 220 kV Jamrud Sub-station along with related 220 kV transmission line

Water Resources Division:

Two development plans for the water resources division have been proposed to CDWP amounting rupees sixteen billion. Both the projects are further referred to ECNEC for consideration.
The list of water resources projects are as follows:

  • Construction of Gaurak Storage dam in Kharan
  • Making of 200 dams and check dams in Qilla Abdullah, Dobandi Tehsils, and Gulistan

Transportation and Communication Sector:
The projects approved for the transportation and communication division are as follows:

  • Construction of Malakand tunnel project along with design tendering assistance costing rupees 177.9 billion
  • Hiring and making of a total count of six maritime patrol vessels for Pakistan Maritime Security Agency (PMSA) for rupees 15.94 billion

A total of rupees 193 billion have been allotted for the transportation and communication projects. These projects are under evaluation of ECNEC for further action.

Planning and Housing Division:
Nine projects were suggested for planning and housing projects in the CDWP meeting, seven out of nine of these projects were approved while the remaining two were referred to ECNEC. The approximated suggested cost of these ventures is rupees 28 billion.

Science and Technology Sector:
Project count for science and technology projects was four out of which three were approved. The cost of them is rupees 2.35 billion. The list of approved ventures is as follows:

  • Construction of Sindh Madrasatul Islam Campus at Education City, Malir
  • For the Compact Muon Solenoid experiment (CMS) the upgradation of silicon strip tracker and Muon System.
  • Research & Development, upgradation and solidification of the National Centre for Physics

Health Division:

For the health sector, one project was forwarded to ECNEC for further consideration costing rupees 33 billion. While CDWP approved the Prime Minister’s National Health Programme (Second Phase).