CDA Told to Start Development Work in the Industrial Areas of Islamabad

industrial area of Islamabad

The Islamabad Chamber of Commerce and Industry (ICCI) has asked the CDA to start the development work in the industrial areas of Islamabad.

Owing to the neglect of the CDA and MCI, the industrial areas in the federal capital are now showing a dilapidated look as the footpaths and the roads have been broken without any repair, the streetlights are not functioning as well while the water supply was also not satisfactory, the industrial activities were getting affected in the region, as said by the ICCI as per a press release.

For saving the local industry from any further damage, the CDA should on an immediate basis start the development works in the industrial areas of the capital city.

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The statement further added that with the efforts of the ICCI, CDA Board has given approval to the changes in the industrial building bylaws, which covered the height of the industrial buildings, multi-business on industrial plots and the surge in the covered area.

But, the CDA has neither given the notification to the approved bylaws and it has also nor implemented the board’s decision of the CDA.

It also stated that the industrial areas were made in the I-9,I-10 and Kahuta triangle, however, there was no more room in these areas for establishing the industrial units and prices of the industrial plots in these estates have surged enormously owing to which it was no more a potent option for the new investors for purchasing the industrial plot at very high price and establish new industries.

The ICCI indicated that a new industrial estate was planned in the I-17 sector of the capital city, but CDA has de-notified it while the notice containing the amended industrial bylaws was also not issued so far.

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