CDA to Set up a Landscaping Project Along Srinagar Highway


Earlier today, the Capital Development Authority (CDA) announced that it is launching a landscaping project along the 25 km long Srinagar Highway.

As per the reports, supposedly, the aim of the project is to improve the beauty of one of Islamabad’s main streets and has been initiated under the banner of the Clean and Green Pakistan program.

The design elements of the project involve road safety requirements, plant selection, grass types, and earthworks.

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As per a written statement by the CDA’s Director Environment, the landscaping project of Srinagar Highway has been launched under the direct management of the Environment Directorate. The report added that a landscaping project for public parks in the residential sectors has also been started.

Moreover, the CDA informed the media that it wishes to revive 150 parks within the next 2 years.

On the other hand, CDA officials stated that the main purpose of these efforts is to certify a cleaner and healthier environment in the capital city of Pakistan. They added that the Ministry of Climate Change is also supervising the entire project to ensure that it continues in accordance with PM Khan’s vision of a clean and green Pakistan.

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