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CDA Replaces Conventional Lights with LEDs but No Benefits Attained

Conventional Lights with LEDs

CDA replaced the conventional lights with LEDs but failed to attain any benefits.

The Capital Development Authority’s level of efficiency could be measured via an audit report, which indicated that the city managers replaced the conventional streetlights with LEDs for reducing the expenses however forgot to reconcile the mode of payment with the IESCO and resulted in a loss of Rs.22.02 million to the authority.

The yearly audit report for the year 2018-19 mentioned that every officer given the authority for incurring expenditures from the public funds is anticipated to practise the same alertness while spending the public funds as he or she practises during the spending of one’s own money.

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But, in the case of the development authority, the situation is completely different as it replaced the conventional road lights of a higher watt with LED lights of a lower watt at the different locations of Islamabad during 2015-18 for reducing the electricity bills by spending millions of rupees.

The IESCO was charging bills to the civic body against the streetlights on the total sum load basis with the actual consumption via the emergency meters before the earlier mentioned replacement.

The concerned officers belonging to the streetlight’s division, who were supposed to resolve the electricity bills procedure following the replacement of the streetlights never bothered to get into the said practice and the development authority was paying the same bills as it was paying before.

The audit report indicated that the non-reduction in the electric load was because of the installation of 3,633 lights which resulted in the overpayment of Rs.22.07 million.

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