CDA Plan to Set up First Ever Food Lab in Islamabad

food lab

CDA is all ready to set up a first-ever food lab in Islamabad. The food laboratory would also have 4 mobile labs.

As per reports, PM Khan while heading a price control committee meeting asked the Chief Commissioner and CDA Chairman Amer Ali Ahmed to set up the food lab in order to have a proper quality check on the food items, which includes meat.

Presently, the administration of the federal capital gets the food items quality checked from a laboratory in Rawalpindi.

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The commissioner said that establishing a lab is highly needed for the capital city in order to make sure about the quality of food supplied and sold in the city.

He further detailed that the laboratory would be established by the Capital Development Authority in collaboration with the Islamabad Capital Territory (ICT) administration. As per a press release that was issued by the CDA, a meeting was held on Thursday in the office of the chairman CDA, for discussing the setting up of the food lab.

The ICT admin briefed the meeting that it had drafted a PC-I worth Rs.300 million for the setting up of the lab on 4 kanals.

It was stated in the press release that the government has instructed to ensure food quality in Islamabad. It further stated that the establishment of the laboratory is a must requirement.

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