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CDA Pays 4000 Ghost Employees Monthly

Environment Directorate of Capital Development Authority (CDA) and MCI pays 4000 Ghost employees on a monthly basis, as stated by the reports. In replace of it they pay PKR 10,000 to the supervisor as a bribe.

These are the ghost workers who do receive their salaries but they don’t show up for work. The workers like gardeners, sweepers and security guards are paid on the muster roll. All of them are involved in bribe and every month almost PKR 40 million were exchanged in the form of bribe.

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According to the source, the number of workers in both the environment division and park who are getting paid while they sit at home is 3,500 and 600 respectively. Employees at the environment division have stepped in to work due to staff shortage at the park division.

With the help of the officers in the environment division, the field staff has been able to manage to procure the biometric system exemption. They receive bribe for their illegal exemption.

For the past 10 years, there are just 8-12 employees in the park division based in G-7 but 40 workers receive salaries. A supervisor, Riaz was contacted who totally rejected that he or his staff was receiving any bribe. But he also refused to reveal the staff strength working in the office.