CDA Launches Operation to Remove Generators on Pathways – Research Snipers

CDA Launches Operation to Remove Generators on Pathways


The Capital Development Authority—CDA and Islamabad Capital Territory Administration—ICTA have launched an operation for removing the generators blocking the pathways.

The operation has been launched for removing the generators and security apparatus blocking the public pathways.

Regarding this, the Enforcement Directorate of the Authority along with the Building Control Section—BCS, Electrical and Mechanical Division with the help of the ICTA has disconnected the electric cables of many generators and has disassembled the guard posts, placed beyond the territory of plot-line in the sector F-6 of Islamabad.

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Additionally, the security cabins and other material were also taken into custody during the operation.

The residents have been asked, via notices, to remove all such apparatus positioned on the pathways and shift it within their allotted plot premises.

In case of non-compliance, the generators and other apparatus would be taken into custody and fines would also be imposed. The teams of Enforcement Directorate with the help of ICTA conducted the anti-encroachment activity in the I-14 sector near Hajj Complex and bulldozed various unlawful constructions and encroachments from the area.

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