CCP Issued Show-cause Notices to PSMA and 84 Sugar Mills

CCP Issued Show-cause Notices to PSMA and 84 Sugar Mills – after the raids, it was found the PMSA was involved with the sugar mafia.


The Competitive Commission of Pakistan (CCP) issued show-cause notices to the Pakistan Sugar Mills Association (PSMA) and 84 other sugar mills for forming a mafia.

According to the CCP, during raids at the PSMA and the JDW group’s offices, it was evident that the association was leading the sugar mafia.

The seized record showed an exchange of emails between the senior officials of the PSMA and JDW group,

The CCP informed that they also reviewed information showing that a group official was in contact regarding details of prices and stock.

In relation to this, 15 sugar mills decided to delay the crushing of sugar cane and the decision was made with the support of the PSMA. The PSMA and a member of mills tried to maintain prices of the sugar cane, to yield more profits for them.

The report also mentioned that soon after his return from the UK, Jahangir Khan Tareen tweeted:

Let me state for the record that JDW is NOT part of the petition against GOPb notification to start sugar Mills on 10th Nov.

He said that his mills will start cane crushing from November 10 and vowed to help the government overcome the shortfall of sugar and price hike.

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