Caviar launched iPhone15 Pro’s ‘UFO’ collection

Caviar announced its UFO iPhone 15 Pro series collection, which is obviously going to be very expensive. The company is known for announcing luxury iterations of popular smartphones. The latest device in the collection is the iPhone 15.

Caviar announced iPhone 15 ‘UFO’ collection

Caviar has announced its latest collection for the iPhone 15. Though it launched another collection last month that contained gold-sparkle iPhone 15 Pro iterations, These devices cost nearly $8,000.

However, the UFO collection is quite different and luxurious. This collection is quite expensive as its structure seems to have material from outer space. The fragments are from Murchison materials that contain amino acids. As being said, this material is 7 billion years old, which makes it older than Earth and the solar system. This material is claimed to be the oldest on the planet.

However, it is now part of the Alien chassis design, as referred to by Caviar. You can see alien figures on the back of the device, combined with two more options.

Three versions of this collection are available in the offer

In addition to the ‘Alien’ version, Caviar also provides the space-themed Astral and Starship variations. The ‘Astral’ model has a picture of the universe on the back and has greater color flare than the other two variations.

According to Caviar, lunar and Martian meteorites were used to create these models. Of course, since this is caviar, 24K gold has also been utilized. In addition, materials for construction include aviation-grade titanium and stainless steel.

Each of these models is quite pricey. One of them costs $9,000, which is a price that very few people are prepared to spend. Caviar creates expensive products for a purpose, and there’s also a reason behind non-massive productions.

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