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Caterers and Decorators Demand to Resume Business Operations

caterers and decorators

The Caterers and Decorators Association demanded to resume their business operations. They presented their demand in a unique protest on Sunday. They placed huge cooking pots in the middle of the road to block the traffic flow, as per the reports of local media.

The members of the association said that their protest was against the directive of the closure of the marriage halls and banquets and ban on the ceremonies with the large gatherings that require their expertise.

The government has placed a ban on all the activities that involve the gatherings of the huge crowds under one roof amid the coronavirus pandemic.

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The ban has been eased to some extent however, the marriage halls, cultural and traditional events, and the funeral gatherings are still not resumed properly.

The protestors held up placards asking for the resumption of all such events and activities and asked for lifting the ban on the marriage halls.

Protestors expressed their woes and said that they are facing a severe financial crisis as their businesses remain affected. They asked the government to lift all the bars and to permit them to conduct their business operations under the mutually agreed SOPs.

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