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Uber drivers logged off

Uber Drivers Logged Off to Protest in Australia

The Uber drivers logged off their application in protest on Monday morning in Australia. The drivers are protesting against the company for adding features that...
self-driving cars - Volvo - Autoliv - Nvidia - artificial intelligence

Volvo and Autoliv join hands with Nvidia to create an AI...

The world is moving fast towards artificial intelligence and automakers couldn't resist the thoughts of having self-driving cars. With this aim in mind, Volvo and Autoliv...
5 million Housing Project

Imran Khan Wins all 5 of His National Assembly Seats

Imran Khan has won all 5 of his National Assembly Seats creating history yet again since the 1992 World Cup. Imran Khan’s first seat was...
Baby Shark

Baby Shark is now in the Billboard top 40 songs

Except if you spent the last 50% of 2018 on the moon with your hands over your ears, it's almost certain you're...
WhatsApp Sticker Apps

WhatsApp Sticker Apps Deleted from App Store

As per the recent reports, WhatsApp Sticker Apps have been deleted from the App Store.Some days back an update was launched by WhatsApp of...

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