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ECC Expected to Approve Another Bailout Package for PIA

The ECC (Economic Coordination Committee) of the Cabinet would possibly be approving another bailout package for the PIA (Pakistan International Airlines) in the next...
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Google changed Android settings remotely without the user consent

Google has said the company has changed the Android battery saver settings remotely last week without the consent of Android phone users, Google has...

Facebook Blackmailer In Pakistan Sentenced To Prison For 14 Months

A Judicial Magistrate in Lahore on Tuesday sent a man to 14 months prison for harassing and blackmailing a woman on Facebook, the nation...

Barclays will create 2500 jobs in Glasgow

Barclays Plc. has announced its plans to create up to 2,500 more jobs in Glasgow tech hub. The popular UK bank has been working...
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Petroleum Prices In the Month of September

The government has decided to maintain the current petrol prices in the following month of September according to the credible sources.All petroleum prices are...

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