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You can buy Dell G Series Gaming Laptops in Pakistan

New Dell G Series Gaming Laptops have launched in Pakistan by Dell in collaboration with the Pakistan Rugby Union. The gaming laptops are designed...

A petition challenging new Hajj Policy 2019 filed in LHC

A petition challenging the recently announced Pakistan’s Hajj Policy 2019 has been filed in the Lahore High Court (LHC) on Wednesday.

LinkedIn adds a QR code feature to its service

LinkedIn is presenting two new highlights that will make the service more practical for its users. To begin with, LinkedIn will now give you...
youtube explore

Youtube Explore tab is a new feature to make your content...

YouTube explores different avenues regarding new highlights constantly, including GIF-like video sneak peaks and auto-produced thumbnails. Presently, the video-sharing organization is trying another Explore...

Government to set up $75 million support to boost startup culture

The Government of Pakistan has chosen to set up a 75 million dollar support for business visionaries and startups at State Bank of Pakistan...

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