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How to become President of Pakistan? – Requirements & Procedure

According to the article 41 of the Constitution of Pakistan, the President of Pakistan is the Head of the State who ‘represent the unity...

Crossover Tournament Karachi: Bringing the best out of the Pakistani talent

Do you believe that Pakistanis are all known to violent? If yes, then these 300 young minds of the Crossover tournament could bring a change...

You cannot Purchase Cars and Houses if you are a Non-filer

Non-filers have been barred from purchasing cars and houses as the government announced budget 2018-19.Any property that has a declared value of above Rs...

A quick glimpse of marketing on the internet

The web 2.0 is a wonderful place for self-expression and provides more than enough marketing opportunities for your brand. It literally takes nothing to...
Wi-Fi service in india

Facebook is going to launch a new Wi-Fi service in India

Facebook is currently testing their new Wi-Fi service plan named Express Wi-Fi in India, obviously Facebook need more service users so they can increase...

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