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Nintendo new games

Nintendo new games and improvements hit the audience

Nintendo made two big announcements today. Firstly, The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword will be made available to Wii U users from today onwards....
Pakistan Railways

South Korea Interested to Invest in Pakistan Railways

A delegation of South Korea was invited by the Federal Railway Minister Sheikh Rasheed Ahmad to invest and seek business opportunities in Pakistani Railways....

Rs128/bag Urea Price Hike Expected

Due to the increase in gas prices, it is expected that the Urea prices will be increased by Rs128 per bag.A Fertiliser Manufactures of...

weMessage—A New App That Allows iMessages on Android

As it’s a known fact that there is no existing way to access Apple’s closed messaging system, iMessages on a non-iOS or Android gadget....

Journalist Gul Bukhari Returns Home after Hours Long Abduction in Lahore

The columnist and journalist Gul Bukhari has returned home after she was abducted for hours in Lahore by some unknown men.Munizae Jahangir Pakistani journalist...

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