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Dragonfly model

Google is rumored to make a Dragonfly model prototype for China

While Google representatives push back against and legislators make inquiries about a supposed adaptation of its web crawler for China - with restriction and...

Pakistani Travellers Advised Not to Carry “Naswar” to Iraq

Pakistani visitors have been told not to carry naswar—the powdered tobacco stuff, to Iraq while travelling as that could land them in a problem.Naswar...
The growing economic situation of Pakistan

Facts all in favor of economic situation of Pakistan

After two of the recent moves by the government, the economic situation of Pakistan is booming like never before. The first credit goes to (R) General...

1 Million Residents to Lose Their Homes in Karachi

The future of 1 million residents of Karachi living on the plots engraved out by China-cutting hangs in the balance after Supreme Court’s orders...

Fingerprint sensor to boom in cell phones this year

Recently, we announced about Samsung Galaxy Note 9 has indicated the under-display fingerprint scanner, yet there was no affirmation of this component to be...

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