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Three Known Medicines Recalled over Adulteration

A public notice has been issued by the Provincial Drug Control Authority (PDCU) to recall certain high blood pressure medicine over adulteration....
public holidays for 2019

Public Holidays for 2019, Announces Govt

The federal government on Sunday has made the announcement of a total of 14 public holidays for 2019.The...

Terror Threat: Schools & Hospitals in Punjab Alerted

Due to the recent terrorist attacks all over Pakistan, a fear has spread all across the nation. A security alert is given after an...

United Bravo Will Launch in May 2018

United Motors, the second biggest motorcycle manufacturer in Pakistan, is expanding its business and will soon launch automobiles in Pakistan. The company is all...

A quick glimpse of marketing on the internet

The web 2.0 is a wonderful place for self-expression and provides more than enough marketing opportunities for your brand. It literally takes nothing to...

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