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Amazon is Pondering to Sell Prescription Drugs Online

Amazon is in the last deciding stages of its plan to enter the multi-billion pharmacy sector.Amazon will be deciding before Thanksgiving whether to enter...

Light multi-camera design might soon be incorporated into a phone

Imagine this: You take your phone out of your pocket and unfold it like a napkin into a tablet. You press your finger on...

Pacific Airline Misspells its Own Name on a Brand New Airplane

Cathay Pacific a Hong Kong-based airline misspelled its name on its brand new plane. While writing Pacific on the airplane, there was an ‘F’...

Chinese WeChat achieves 1 billion monthly users benchmark

Chinese popular messaging app, better to say WhatsApp clone has now hit the one billion monthly users for the first time since its inception...
Cinepax Pakistan

Cinepax introduces 4DX theaters in Pakistan

Cinepax along with CJ 4DPLEX announced to bring 4DX theaters to Pakistan. The world’s leading cinema technology Company CJ4DPLEX is now ready...

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