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Palm Launched Tiny Smartphone to Escort Regular Phones

A new gadget brand—Palm has launched a tiny smartphone that would be serving as an ally to the iOS and Android smartphones.Palm—a gadget brand...

10 Amazing Facts About Apple

Apple Inc. has become one of the greatest world corporations, producing millions of dollars yearly, giving new job opportunities throughout the world, launching new...

Facebook Live now has screen sharing feature—Share videos directly on Facebook

Now you are able to share your screen directly from Facebook live, Facebook has added the new feature today which enables direct screen sharing.The...

Is Crowdsourcing the new business model?

Crowdsourcing is a mesh of two words, crowds and outsourcing. It means engaging a “crowd” for a common goal which often deals with innovation,...
BlizzCon 2018

Here is the biggest news from BlizzCon 2018

With BlizzCon 2018 commencing today, participants and virtual ticket holders will at long last get the chance to experiment with World of Warcraft Classic,...

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