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Case Filed Against Production House of “Parwaaz Hai Junoon”

The new upcoming movie—Parwaaz Hai Junoon has landed in trouble as the wardrobe stylist of the film has filed a case against the production banner—MD Productions.

Soomar Rehman—the stylist who was hired to style the cast of the upcoming film, said that Osman Gillani—the vice president of the MD Films has failed to mention his name as the wardrobe stylist in the credits of film teasers which have been on-aired over the last few weeks.

While conversing with a local newspaper, Soomar Rehman said that the film’s shoot was completed, and the producer of the film just called up and ended the contract without any prior notice or anything and just said that no more styling is needed for the film.

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He added that his commitment and dedication to the film was rightful as he gave it his time and worked super hard with loyalty and honesty which is also evident from his work.

He also said that the production head of the film had given him assurance that since he provided the wardrobe styling for the complete film, he would be given the due credit.

Hania Aamir—the young actress who is also starred in Parwaaz Hai Junoon has also given credits to Soomar Rehman in her Instagram posts which clearly indicates that Soomar Rehman did provide the wardrobe styling for the film.

Soomar mentioned that the teasers did not mention his name and no one even from the team had notified him of this change either. He then sent a legal notice seeking a reply within two days, but he received none.

Soomar stated that he first went to the office to investigate that why his name failed to appear in the teasers. Mahesh Waswani—the production head apologised and said that he would be including his name in the next teaser but sadly again the second teaser on-aired and Soomar’s name was not mentioned. He added that on receiving no response, he went ahead with the legal proceedings by sending a court notice. The first hearing of the case is to be held today.

The case has been filed asking damages and restraining orders against the vice president, MD Productions and the production head of MD Films. HUM TV has also been mentioned in the legal papers as it is the official distributor of the film—Parwaaz Hai Junoon.

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