Careem Under Another Legal Trial

legal trial

It seems that the popular ride-hailing service—Careem is under another legal trial.

A petition has been filed in the Islamabad High Court against Careem over its marketing campaign.

Careem first got stuck in the social media backlash however its legal troubles just got started. Careem some days back did a marketing activity, which was humorous for some indeed, however it also went wrong with others.

As per the reports, a petition has been filed against Careem at the IHC over the latest Billboard Campaign of Careem.

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Rashid Umar—the deputy media coordinator of a political party and Syed Umer Sohail Shah of Jamaat-e-Islami filed a petition in the IHC.

The petitioner mentioned in the filing that Careem has breached the law by putting up the immoral billboard in cities, which has hurt the moral values and feelings of the people.

Furthermore, the petition also mentioned that earlier court decisions were made against such ads and this billboard campaign raises questions on the values of our society. Hence, the court should impose a heavy penalty on Careem on such ads.

Careem introduced a marketing campaign for Careem Bike service installing billboards in the various areas of significant cities.

In one of the ads, a bride was shown who if feels like fleeing her wedding could order a Careem Bike. These ads went viral on social media and opened a new public debate, which finally resulted in the filing of this petition.

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