Careem, Uber Drivers Protest Against New Tax

Careem Uber Drivers

On Monday scores of people linked with the two ride-hailing services—Uber and Careem showed a protest demonstration outside the Karachi Press Club against their management for reportedly decreasing their shares, manipulating their working hours and reducing a certain percentage in the name of tax.

They carried the placards, chanting the slogans, these protestors asked the government for the intervention saying they were scared that most of them would be losing their jobs.

The protest campaign, they said has been going for nearly a month when a group of drivers which are referred to as the captains convinced others for increasing their voice against what they referred to as exploitation and unlawful steps by the ride-hailing firms.

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A protestor said that it is highly unfortunate that these firms provide attractive deals when they require the services of the captains for building their brand.

He said that they do not care about themselves or their families. They are only aware of one thing that this is a new trend in Pakistan, which was welcomed both by the people and the ones linked with it and should become a success story. However, it has become a success story and now the firm has taken the decision of violating laws, press the workers for earning more.

As per a spokesperson of Careem, these accusations are all false and said that they were complaining without having an understanding of the rules set by the firm on the very first day.

He said that the tax has been imposed by the government of Sindh and not by the company. He also said that they had held a number of rounds of talks with the authorities for convincing them to withdraw the tax however they did not agree, but, the spokesperson said that they succeeded in bringing the tax down to 5percent from the initially suggested tax of 13percent.

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