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Careem to increase the prices in the wake of increased fuel prices in Lahore, Karachi and Islamabad

The devaluation of rupee against the dollar was just a piece of news for many, but now a common man is facing the consequences of this issue. From rise in the fuel prices to revised & increased car prices by all automakers in Pakistan, this situation has just aggravated.

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Now the most famous and the leading ride-hailing company in Pakistan, Careem, has announced a rise in its prices due to the increase in fuel prices. As per Careem, the fuel price hikes have affected the Captain’s cost of doing business, directly and indirectly. Careem believes that its Captains are the driving force that provides a safe, easy and affordable ride to all its customers.  Thus as their business is getting affected, Careem has introduced a cost adjustment/increase in Karachi, Lahore and Islamabad Careem rides. The aim is that the Captain can continue to serve and provide safe rides to the people along with keeping their livelihood going. Careem believes that people will keep their trust in the company as its Captains will continue to provide a reliable ride to the customers.

Now while one can’t blame the company for increasing the prices, the commuters will be affected by this raise.

The issue started when Pakistan’s rupee weakened and went down to record low after the central bank continued to ease its grip on Pakistan Rupee. The first outcome of the devaluation of Rupee against US dollar was the increase in fuel prices. Then we saw how Toyota, Suzuki, Honda, FAW, increased their car prices. Now Careem has revised its prices for the sake of its captains. The issue just seems to be aggravating and the people of Pakistan are suffering because of it.

Careem has always offered the best to its customers and Captains. The offers introduced by this ride-hailing company have always appealed and attracted the customers, though, we can’t be sure how this recent news will be taken by Careem customers.