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Careem Revises Ride Fares

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As per an email message that was sent by Careem on Sunday to its users, the ride-hailing service mentioned that it is revising its ride fares and now the customers will have to pay on the various car ride types like GO, GO mini, GO+, Riksha and Business.

Previously on Friday, Careem users received another message in which the famous ride-hailing service mentioned that it had made changes to the methods via which it received payments from the customers.

The message that was sent on Friday read that from the 25th of January onwards, one could only pay their full fare or more. It further stated that this means one’s account cannot have any unpaid balance anymore. It was further written that make sure to carry with oneself the necessary amount of money when booking a ride with Careem.

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According to the message received today, Careem which is working on changing the way its economy works said that they are revising their fares on Riksha, Business, GO, GO mini and GO+ car types. The message further read that these alterations are directly linked to the fluctuations in the cost of staying on the road. The message concluded by saying that Careem appreciate understanding and support.

Careem also mentioned in the message that the users could check their mobile app in their phones, in the section “Help” they could see the revised rates for their respective cities.

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