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Careem Pioneers Space Hailing Program – Ride to Outer Space is Now Possible

Careem has pioneered its space hailing program. Careem has launched a spacecraft that has the capacity to transport three customers and one captain at a time, as informed by Co-founder and CEO of Careem, Mudassir Sheikha. The spacecraft is called ‘Wink 1’.

Introducing SPACE, the most gigantic leap for the #spacehailing industry since 1969.

With the all-new SPACE beta app, you can book a spacecraft to take you to outer space from launch sites across the region! Pre-book your seat now at WWW.CAREEM.SPACE#toinfinityandbeyond #shootforthemoon #Space

Posted by Careem on Saturday, March 31, 2018


Adib Samara Head of Glastic Development said, “We took a small step when it came to developing our app, and now we are ready to take a giant leap into the unknown.”

Magnus Olson Co-Founder & Chief Experience Officer of Careem said, “With the Space Beta App you’ll be able to book a shuttle to pick you up from launch sites across the region on a mission to outer space.”

The booking procedure is quite easy. So do you want to book a ride to the Mars or Moon?

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Chose between the orbiting the Moon or Mars.

Then decide whether you want to travel with a group in WINK 1 or go solo with GO ASTRO. In WINK 1 you can orbit with friends and a trained Astro Captain. In GO ASTRO you can completely enjoy a solo ride by riding in an individual space pod.

Then select your date for the ride, confirm the ride and you are off for travel into Space. You can pick the date as per your liking and then click INSHALLAH. The ride will be confirmed.

Sofia Hafdani, Lead Astrophysicist said, “When we came to look at the cost of the fuel we opted for a technology we know so well, the SlingShot. Our engineers successfully solved the equations of the Big Bang Theory at time zero, allowing us to achieve an exponential increase in speed at a minimum cost. And this is how we basically saved 78.9999999….”

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The Careem features loved by the people are in SpaCe ride as well that are Intergalactic Insurance, a speedy ETA of 0.0002 light years, trained astro-captains, and amazing value with prices starting just at 180 bucks.

Here is the link for booking ride to Outer Space.

Coming to the end of the article, we must mention that yesterday the world celebrated April Fool’s Day and so did Careem.