Careem Peak Factor: Has Left Users In Woes

Frequent Careem users have been moaning about the Careem’s Peak Factor, which multiplies the normal rate with 1.2 to 3.5 making it more difficult for users to pay for the ride they love.

The famous ride hailing service “Careem” is now vexing users with their “Peak Factor” in simple words “extra charges”. Careem claims that the Peak Factor only works during Holidays when people start flocking the requests to travel around the city as you can expect on holidays in Pakistan.

Well, it reasonably coherent that Careem applies congestion charges to keep the users pro rata captains proportionate without going in mismanagement troubles or any ad hoc measures which could be dangerous for all stakeholders.

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But that was not the case at all, Careem “Peak Factor” was observed until today 6th of September even after two days of Eid Holidays.



Whatever the cause was, the people are spurring Careem to stop this “Peak Factor” which might result in stop using the service.