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Careem Launches Careem On-Call

Careem on-Call

Careem Pakistan has made the announcement to launch Careem on-Call which permits the customers to use a phone call or an SMS for calling a Careem Bike at some particular location within the city, for as low as Rs.25.

The service is targeted at providing an effective transportation service to those who might not be using a smartphone or may not have easy access to the internet on their mobile phones.

In the initial phase, the Careem on-Call service has been launched for ten pick-up locations throughout the city of Karachi which include:

  • Civic Centre,
  • Amma Tower,
  • Cantt Station,
  • Karachi University Maskan Gate,
  • Shaheen Complex,
  • Water Pump,
  • Nipa Chowrangi,
  • Teen Talwar,
  • Jinnah Hospital, and
  • Millennium Mall

More locations would be added to the service in future. Each location would be provided with a unique code that would be used for assigning a ride to each customer.

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Rides could be booked via Careem on-Call either by placing a call at 8990 or by sending an SMS to the same number. The customer would then be instructed to say or type their particular location code. Once the location is entered and confirmation is received, they would then get a message within a minute informing that a Captain has been sent to their location.

In case one needs to cancel the ride, the customer could then again call or send an SMS asking for the annulation of the ride.

The General Manager, South—Careem—Asad Haider on the launch event said that Pakistan has got low smartphone penetration of 30percent. The service Careem on-Call is a major step towards growth and development which is aimed at bringing people with restricted access to the internet or smartphone, better mobility.

He added that they would be adding more pickup points throughout Pakistan where people would be able to book a ride with a simple call or SMS.

Careem is targeting a structured layout of pick up points that would look after the city-wide market demand initially and then would extend across Pakistan.

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