Careem, a well-known ride-hailing company, has announced to launch GoMini in Pakistan on February 12, 2017.

Each day a captain meet the Careem’s requirements will be able to get Rs. 2500.

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The conditions for Rs. 2500 Daily guarantee are below;

AvailabilityMinimum 12 hours
RidesMinimum 11
Acceptance RateMinimum 90%

For example,

If you earn Rs. 1,500 from 11 rides in 12 hours or more, the company will give you Rs. 1,000.

If you earn more than Rs. 2,500 from 11 rides in 12 hours or more, Careem will not ask you to give the extra money back to the company, just keep that extra money!

Note: This guarantee by the company is for a single captain. If you have 2 captains then both of your captains have to meet the requirements to earn Rs. 5,000 a day.

The best thing about this service is the captains who own old model cars are also allowed to get their car on board. The brands and models allowed by Careem are below;

N/AAll Sedans1995-2000