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Careem Introduces the “Careem Fitness Movement”

Careem has launched its Fitness Movement. As per the introduced campaign the ride-hailing company is encouraging everyone to join hands with Careem for losing some extra pounds.

The movement was posted on the official Facebook page of Careem with a very rhythmic chant—depicting the poetic side of the firm (kidding).

Personally, after reading the post I was impressed to see that the ride-service providers think it all, I mean they have tried to enter every domain or whatsoever may that be the or providing healthcare transportation facilities or taking care of people by launching the winter drive or the newly introduced Umrah offer.

As per the post, Careem boosted the people to lose their temptations and all and should try to attain success by focusing entirely on the goal of losing a little bit weight.

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It went further in encouragement and said that losing is necessary to become the fittest version of ourselves.

Careem did not just rely on wordy encouragement rather it offered gifts and discounts to the people willing to join. With the Careem Fitness Movement, people could save some amount from their gym memberships and can also win good prizes including Gym Accessories, Fitbits and Careem Credits.

The company even posted a video promoting the movement. The video was targeted at giving the message of taking care of oneself. As per the video, one needs to push oneself beyond limits to get oneself in shape for attaining happiness, strength and respect.

This is a good programme or movement (if I say in Careem’s words) introduced by the company. Encouraging people towards adopting a healthier lifestyle and to start loving their body by training and controlling the food urges is essential. With the fast-growing food industry, it seems that people are just interested in eating and eating with no concern relating their health.

In present times many health awareness programmes are functional, and many apps are also there still people lag somewhere. Gyming, exercising, in fact, losing weight is something that requires constant encouragement and support.

By introducing this movement Careem has shown support to the people and have also offered incentives for the ones who at least try to be a part of it.

If you had been thinking for some time to join a gym or lose then now is the chance, achieve your desired body weight and make yourself eligible for winning the gifts offered by Careem.

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