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Careem Introduces Reward Points System in Pakistan

reward points system

There is one good news for the regular commuters of Careem, they would be happy to learn that Careem has introduced a reward points system in Pakistan for the loyal customers of the service.

The rewards system would slowly be gathering points as one takes rides with the company.

Once enough points have been collected, then one could either convert the points to Careem credit for taking more rides or could spend the awarded points for a charitable cause.

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Careem has done many partnerships with various organizations to assist in planting more trees throughout the country or to provide education to the less privileged children and food to the poor people.

The choice of redeeming or donating the points for some charitable cause is completely on the points holder.

Careem is engaged in improving its in-app experience with bringing in additions to its wallet functionality. The final objective of Careem is to work towards becoming a complete digital platform.

The rewards system would further be encouraging the users to use the app and assure that both rides and transactions are properly attained.

The reward system works automatically. Whenever a ride is booked and paid for using Careem, one would automatically get the reward point against it. The count of points depends on the one’s status in the rewards program.

Regular commuters would get 10 points for every Rs20 spent in Careem app.

Gold users—the users who take more than 15 rides with Careem in a month would earn 50 points more rewards than the regular travellers of Careem.

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