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Careem has Introduced a New Brand Positioning in Pakistan

Careem Brand Positioning

Careem has launched a local version of their global campaign that communicates well its newly introduced positioning and strengthens its brand objective of simplifying and improving the lives of the people and to be an amazing organization that inspires with a strong empowering message—Kar Ibtida.

The campaign urges the people from the various walks and stages of life to ponder regarding what it is that drives them and guide them to take the first measure for realizing their hopes and dreams.

The ad is focused on 4 different stories of an accountant, a professional swimmer, a medical doctor, and an engineer that explores how people alter their lives by focusing on their internal fire.

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Careem has always made use of the thought-igniting messages as a centre stone of its marketing strategy. In this regard, they have made their focus on the implications of Pakistan’s brain drain, the disadvantages-encountered by the variously-abled Pakistanis, the barriers women have to face in a patriarchal society and what is required to shift away from the 9-5 life in mid of the societal pressures.

All this is encompassed in 4 thought-in sighting stories in an effort towards making Pakistan realize its potential.

Zeeshan Hasib Baig—the GM of Careem Pakistan said on the occasion that they are extremely excited to launch their most recent campaign—Kar Ibtada in Pakistan. He added that Careem has always been such a company that inspires and seeks to do just that by keeping the Pakistanis motivated for bringing a change in their lives. He also said that this campaign encircles the objective and inspires to look within, start change and become more complete versions of themselves.

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