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Careem Gets Criticized for Mocking Marriage


Careem is not a new name, in fact, it is one such brand that has made its own identity and has penetrated well into society. As we all know that it is a ride-hailing service that works on the objective of making the commute easier, less costly and safe for the travelers.

Recently it is being trolled for its controversial billboard in which the company has mocked about marriage. The billboard has triggered the social media users and they are coming out tweeting their disgust and dislike for the controversial billboard.

Careem has inscribed on the billboard that “Apni Shadi se Bhangna ho tou Careem Karo” which means that if one wants to run away from their own marriage then they take Careem’s bike ride.

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Social media users are bashing Careem on this controversial advertising which in no way depicts the social and cultural values of the society.

One Twitterati referred to the ad as shameful.

The ever-famous Veena Malik wrote that Careem should not mess with the norms and cultures of the society and instead should bring out some respectable content which better brings it respect than attention.

Hania Amir, the young heartthrob of the nation took it to Twitter to express her disgust with the ad and termed it as a cheap and shameful marketing stunt by the ride-hailing company.


Another Twitterati wrote that Careem should apologize and the government should fine them for such a shameful act.

As per the latest update, the Interior Minister has called the Careem management regarding the recent backlash that the ride-hailing firm is going through. For learning more about the details click on the link. (Please note that it is a closed group so you need to join it for accessing the link)

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