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Careem Facing “No Car Is Available” Issue on its App in Pakistan

Today morning Careem app is struck with another glitch when you try to book a ride you may not be able to see simulations of cars roaming around your location on the map.

Careem app usually tells you how many cars are around and the Estimated Time of Arrival ETA of the car before you book the ride. But today due to a probable bug in the app, Careem app most of the time would not be able to provide you the cars location and ETA.

The app is tested on various locations in Lahore, Islamabad, and Rawalpindi and the problem continues. At some points, the app is able to calculate the ETA and cars around but that happens 1 out of 10 times.

The message you may come across while booking is “No Car Is Available”

Careem did not update its users about any app issue so far, this seems to be a temporary issue that might be resolved in minutes or hours but it is not confirmed yet how long this issue will be lurking around.

Careem previously had a problem with their Bike Service option on their website, when you log in their website it says four people can ride on a single bike. The icon displayed for Bike is marked with 4 people. However, the bike service is in beta version and in testing face, which will be fixed when its available to all.

The new development of features is probably affecting the normal functionality of the app, you may face more issues in the future as the company is continuously upgrading services and app features.

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