Careem Captains Protest in Islamabad

Careem Captains have started a protest against the ride-hailing service in Islamabad. The reason for this protest is that Careem drivers are protesting against ‘guaranteed bonus’ policy introduced by Careem. As per Careem drivers this policy is completely inhuman for the drivers. It will make earning any bonuses difficult for Careem drivers. The protest started in Islamabad at 10 am.

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Drivers of Careem cars and bikes have collectively joined hands to protest against Careem’s bonus policy. As the new policy goes the bikes captains have to take 14 rides with a minimum of 80% acceptance. They have to be available for more than 8 hours. On 25th December 2017, this new policy was implemented.

The demands of the Captains are simple. They say that updated bonus policy is not acceptable in any way. The Captains feel that the previous policy of Careem that gave Rs 200 bonus on 8 rides should be introduced again as the current policy of Rs 16000 bonus for 14 rides is just not possible. Its impossible for Careem captains to find 14 rides on bikes, so Careem must change its policy.

Bike Captains had another reason to protest. Careem has made it essential for Careem bike Captains to have an extra helmet. The reason Careem made it mandatory was because of Traffic Police law that demanded both driver and passenger to wear a helmet. Though this is a good step by Careem but it is asking Captains to buy a helmet from just selective companies and taking their commission out of it. In the market, the price of a helmet is Rs 500 but Careem is asking it captains to buy it for over Rs 1000.

The protestors are adamant that if Careem doesn’t change its policies, the protest will continue all over Pakistan.

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