Careem Captain in Islamabad Reported Drunk by the Rider

Sajjad Ahmed, a Careem driver was reportedly drunk while he was transporting his riders to their destination. As per the rider Saiham Bangash, the driver was drunk. He changed the route three times. Also when the car reached the express highway, he stopped the car saying that the engine has stopped working. Then the Captain got out of the car, pretending to be working on the engine while he was actually on the call. When the girl stepped out of the car, Ahmed said that the car is working again and they can continue the ride. While the ride continued, the driver received a call and he told his location to the person on the other side, specifying that he has two girls with him. After this, the girls got scared and canceled the ride and ordered another car.

Here is the Facebook post by Saiham Bangash

“The guy was drunk and he tried to change the route thrice when we guided him all of sudden on express highway he said engine has stopped its not starting he went out of car (and) n was acting he is fixing car but he was on call with someone i stepped out of car then he said it is started n continued ride again. Then someone called he was telling the location we were at n he said i have two girls with me. I was scared from his behavior so I canceled the ride at (the) express highway and we ordered another car. I want you guys to support to me to take legal action against him.”

And do spread it to not sit with him.”

The guy was drunk and he tried to change the route thrice when we guided him all of sudden on express highway he said…

Posted by Saiham Bangash on Monday, April 2, 2018

As per the information given on Careem pages, their Captains go through a proper procedure before they are hired. Their drug tests, police reports, credit checks are done beforehand. They are properly trained, the app of Careem guides the driver towards the pickup location and the destination. Now if such incidents occur, they do raise a question on the credibility of the leading ride-hailing app in Pakistan.

Saying this we must also acknowledge that it is a one-sided story. The driver must be questioned and Careem must take serious action against him if he is found guilty.

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