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Careem Bus Service Launches in Karachi

The leading ride-hailing company in Pakistan, Careem is expanding its operations in the country by launching a bus service. Careem Bus service is launching in Karachi.

Operating similar to Airlift and Swvl, Careem Bus is available for both Android and iOS devices. Once users sign up they can enter their desired location and then select a route that suits them best.

As of now, Careem Bus is an operation on ten routes in Karachi. The timing is only at 10 am on weekdays. At the moment users can book a seat for less than Rs. 1 which is a pleasant surprise.

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Careem is using an eight-seater minivan on these routes, unlike Airlift and Swvl. It is pertinent to mention here that minivans are used by Careem in the Go Mini category. What this means is that the already existing captains have been directed to operate Careem Bus.

With the launch of Careem Bus in Karachi, Pakistan has become the fourth country globally where Careem has launched this service. Currently, Careem Bus is functional in Egypt and Saudi Arabia. However, in Jordan Careem had to close its service shortly after its launch. The Careem Bus is spearheaded by Hadeer Shalaby.

Careem acquired by Uber will be directly competing with Airlift and Swvl by launching Careem Bus.

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In an earlier article, we told our readers about Careem launching a local version of their global campaign that communicates well its newly introduced positioning and strengthens its brand objective of simplifying and improving the lives of the people and to be an amazing organization that inspires with a strong empowering message.

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