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Careem Brings “Between Cities”

Good news for the frequent travellers between Karachi and Hyderabad. Careem has launched its Inter-City service for the people.

Recently posted by the ride-hailing service providers on their official Facebook page, the ride providers are all set to provide people with the ride between the two cities that is Karachi and Hyderabad.

Yes, you heard that right! Now you can travel between Hyderabad and Karachi through your Careem app :DChoose cartype 'Inter-city – Business' and book a ride now!P.s. Don't forget our coffee cake 😉

Posted by Careem on Friday, January 12, 2018

This is among the newest attractions offered by the company.

The ride between Hyderabad and Karachi could be availed using the Careem application.

The procedure is to choose car type “Inter-city- Business” present on the Careem app and then book the ride.

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Hyderabad is a city of the province Sindh and is in very close proximity to Karachi at a distance of one hundred and forty kilometres east. It is the second largest city of the province after Karachi and the eighth largest city of Pakistan.

The meaning of the city name is literally translated as the “Lion City”, named in honour of the fourth Caliph of Islam. Hyder means “Lion” and abad is a suffix indicating settlement.

The city of Hyderabad served as the capital of the province Sindh between 1947 and 1955. The city is famous for many things including the freshwater fish and the famous Coffeecake from Bombay Bakery.

Careem has taken a good initiative to start this service as many people travel between the two cities and that too often. Introducing this service would be bringing more business to the company.

Karachiites usually on weekends or long holidays travel to Hyderabad for long drives or for visiting relatives living in the city.

Today is the second day of Karachi Eat Food Festival and it is one of the best attractions for all the foodies. This year the biggest attraction is Atif Aslam’s performance in the event.

So, in case you are in Hyderabad and wants to visit the festival then what better option could you get than the one provided by Careem. Just take your phone and order the cab and enjoy the event and then go back home and all that in the safe and secure ride of Careem.

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