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Careem Asks: ‘Know any Losers’?

The leading ride-hailing service in Pakistan, sent a text message to its users asking “know any losers?”



This strange message from the biggest ride service in Pakistan was quite surprising. You don’t expect a big company in Pakistan text messaging you asking if you know any losers. So different people interpreted this message in different ways.

Now some feel that they have been hacked, others strongly believe that this is just another advertising and marketing strategy by Careem.

Furthermore, those believing the latter feel that this is not correct & ethical marketing as asking for losers is unethical especially coming from such a big brand. It can definitely affect Careem’s large customer base.

Recently Careem drivers protested in Islamabad against ‘guaranteed bonus’ policy introduced by Careem. As per Careem drivers, this policy is completely inhuman for the drivers. It will make earning any bonuses difficult for Careem drivers. Some Careem users feel that asking for losers, Careem is indirectly targeting its drivers who protested in the capital.

Those who are unaware of the protest, Careem car and bikes drivers protested against Careem’s bonus policy. As the new policy goes the bikes captains have to take 14 rides with a minimum of 80% acceptance. They have to be available for more than 8 hours. On 25th December 2017, this new policy was implemented. The policy was unacceptable to the drivers, thus they protested against it.

The most recent Tweet by Careem is ‘Quit Tagging us’. It just seems that something is wrong either with Careem’s handlers and management or it has been hacked.

If Careem is responding to its drivers via this weird message even that is not expected by a big name like Careem.

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The ride-hailing service that introduced amazing offers for the people, pioneered air service, rickshaw service, Rishta aunty service, Bakra on wheels is now asking you, do you know any losers?

Well, do you?