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Careem and Uber services will Suspend on 23rd March, 2018

It was reported on 26th  Feb 2018 that IHC, Islamabad High Court has declared that suspension of mobile networks is illegal in Pakistan. Then a couple of days ago Islamabad High Court (IHC) gave permission to the federal government to suspend the mobile phone service on 23rd March, Pakistan Day parade. The court has also allowed the federal government to suspend the mobile service on other important events too. This means that ride-hailing companies that depend upon cellular services and internet connection for effective operation, will have issues on 23rd March.

Ride-hailing companies like Careem and Uber depend on mobile signals and internet availability to communicate with the rider. As the services will be suspended tomorrow on 23rd March all over Pakistan, the drivers will not be able to communicate with the riders.

The commuters who totally depend upon these services these days, should avoid traveling or may go back to the traditional transport system and use taxis.

In February a petition was filed against suspending cellular services during important events all over Pakistan under the excuse of security. IHC took the decision regarding this petition and gave the verdict that from now on mobile network suspension in Pakistan will be considered illegal. This ruling was applied all over the country. Now a couple of days ago IHC has again given verdict and allowed the federal government to suspend cellular services during important funerals, sit-ins, Chehlum, Muharram, 23rd March and other notable events.

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The business of telecom operators and other services that depend upon ‘cellular signals’ gets badly affected when the government suspends these services during important occasions. On the other hand, the government can not compromise on the security of its citizens, thus it is an essential decision that has to be taken. The public does suffer but at the end, it is for their own good.